Thursday, May 7, 2009

San Pedro Fish Market and the Lobster Claw game.

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A whole tilapia grilled at the San Pedro Fish Market, where you can even eat the eyeballsI rarely leave the valley, but following cinco de mayo I was in the grips of a fierce and vile hangover, and in such a state I find that I am vulnerable to dubious suggestions. The San Pedro Fish Market was worth the trip. Much to my surprise, I found out there's a whole lot of weird seafood you can't get from a drive-thru window. You can pick out your fish, and they'll grill the whole goddamn thing for you right then and there. They even leave the heads on, so you can eat the eyeballs, if eating eyeballs happens to be your cup of tea. After much gagging and retching, I have determined eating eyeballs is, in fact, not my cup of tea.
 picture of the lobster crane game at the San Pedro Fish Market

They also have a Love Maine Lobster crane game. It's just like those arcade crane games where you put in quarters and use a crane arm to pick up stuffed animals, except here your picking up live lobsters. It was the greatest arcade game I have ever played. It took me about $30 dollars to figure out it was cheaper to just buy a lobster, but where's the fun in that?

If you want some quality time with the crane game, it's best to go when it's slow. We went on a weeknight, and the place was like a ghost town. The market had seating for 2,000, and on the weekends they need it. The place is stocked to the gills with fat fatties sporting perpetual hard-ons at the thought of a $2 lobster dinner.

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  1. Mr. Jerkface,

    You need to write much more..great skills and a wounderful sense of humor!

    My name is Mike Martin the Director of Touch Tanks for Kids. The manufacture of the claw game is one of all sponsors and The San Pedro Fish Market is Awesome. I live in Maine but in '06 I attended the San Pedro Lobster Festival..Henry is the Man..though Jim Wilson the event coordinator is a SOB.....Keep up the great Blogging...I am now following Mr Jerk Face.